PEOPLE. LUCA SCHENATO. Invited lectures

Luca Schenato

Full Professor

Department of Information Engineering

University of Padova

Via Gradenigo 6/B – 35131 Padova Italy

Tel.: +39 049.827.7925

Control over wireless: a unfinished journey
  • Online Seminars on Control and Information, March 2021
Automatic Control over Wi-Fi: a cross-layer Approach
  • Workshop on Automotive: Cyber-Physical-Systems, Univ. of Modena, June 2018
Smart Multi-agent Control Systems over Wireless: Challenges and Perspectives
  • Control Theory Seminars, DII, Univ. of Trento, January 2018
Multi-agent map-building: Kalman Filtering meets Machine Learning
  • IFAC Workshop on Estimation and Control of Networked Systems (NecSys’16), Tokyo, Japan, September 2016,
  • Control Seminar Series, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, October 2016
  • Control Seminar Series, Univ. of Stuttgard, Germany, April 2017
IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm’14), October 2014
  • IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm’14), October 2014
Getting multi-agent systems to cooperate (Video Time Sych)
  • European Control Award Plenary Talk, European Control Conference (ECC14), June 2014
Control over finite capacity channels: the role of data losses, delays and SNR limitations
  • Control Theory Seminars, EECS, UC Berkeley, February 2014
Newton-Raphson Consensus for Distributed Convex Optimization
  • HYCON2 Workshop on Distributed Optimization in Large Networks and its Applications, Zurich, Swizerland, July 2013.
  • also presented at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford in 2014
The Consensus Algorithm in Distributed Multi-Agent Systems
  • Symposium on New Directions of Automatic Control, Seoul, Korea, October 2011.
Localizzazione in Reti di Sensori Wireless: Tecnologia ed Applicazioni (in Italian)
  • WISE-WAI project, Final Review Meeting, Padova, May 2011.
Estimation and Control Applications of Linear Consensus Algorithms,
  • Workshop on Multi-Agent Estimation and Control, Lund, Sweden, January 2010.
Networked Control Systems subject to random delay and packet loss: state-of-the-art, main results and future directions
  • 3rd WIDE Ph.D. School on Networked Control Systems, Siena, Italy, July 2009
Application of Consensus Algorithms to Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Seminars on Control Systems, Mechanical Engineering Department, UC Berkeley, October 2008
Some Results on Optimal Estimation and Control for Lossy Networked Control Systems
  • Seminars in Optimization and System Theory, KTH, Stockolm, Sweden, September 2007
Distributed Consensus Protocols for Clock Synchronization in Sensor Networks
  • Ph.D. Summer School in Automatic Control, Bertinoro, Italy, July 2007
Analysis and Control of Flapping Flight: from Biological to Robotic Insects
  • Invited talk, Mechanical Enginering Department, Columbia University, NY, USA, 2004