November 25, 2016; h.11:00 

Room 318 DEI/G


Andrea Bisoffi,

University of Trento


Global asymptotic stability of a PID control system with Coulomb friction


Abstract | Slides

November May 23, 2016; h.11:00
Room 326 DEI/A


Luca Zaccarian,

LAAS-CNRS & University of Trento


Static input allocation for reaction wheels desaturation using magnetorquers


Abstract | Slides

April 24, 2015; h.11:00
Room Aula Magna Antonio Lepschy / A


Luigi Palopoli,

University of Trento


When multimedia meets control: use of soft real–time techniques for control design


Abstract | Slides

April 24, 2013; h.16:30
Room 326 DEI / A


Saverio Bolognani,



An application of graphical models: identification of power distribution network topology via voltage correlation analysis 

April 10, 2013; h.11:00
Room 201 DEI / A


Kasim Sinan Yildirim,

Ege University, Izmir, Turkey


Efficient Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks by Adaptive Value Tracking

January 29, 2013; h.15:00
Room 201 DEI / A


Domenica Borra,

Polytechnic of Turin, Italy


Localization and Optimization problems for Camera Networks


Abstract | Slides

October 22, 2012; h.14:00
Room 201 DEI / A


Subhrakanti Dey, Melbourne

University, Australia


Linear State Estimation via Multiple Sensors over Rate-constrained Channels

October 12, 2012; h.11:00
Room 201 DEI / A


Rene Vidal,

Johns Hopkins University, USA


Consensus on Manifolds


Abstract | Slides

October 8, 2012; h.14:30
Room 326 DEI / A


Masayuki Fujita,

Tokyo Institute of Technology,


Cooperative Energy Management for Smart Microgrids

September 6, 2012; h.10:00
Room 201 DEI / A


Alain Sarlette,

Ghent University, Belgium


Consensus on nonlinear spaces and graph coloring


Abstract | Slides

July 24, 2012; h.11:00
Aula 326 DEI / A


Lara Brinon-Arranz,

Gipsa Lab, INRIA, Grenoble


Cooperative control of multi-agent systems: application to underwater missions


Abstract | Slides

June 6, 2012; h.14:30
Aula 201 DEI / A


Rodolphe Sepulchre,

University of Liege, Belgium


The geometry of (thin) SVD revisited for large-scale computation

May 30, 2012; h.15:00
Aula 201 DEI / A


Maria Rita D’Orsogna,

California State University, Northridge, California, USA


Stochastic Self Assembly of Incommensurate Clusters

May 29, 2012; h.15:00
Aula 201 DEI / A


Isaac Kaminer,

Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterey, CA, USA


Time-Critical Cooperative Path Following of Multiple UAVs over Time-Varying Networks

May 9, 2012; h.15:00
Aula 201 DEI / A


Nicola Elia,

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA


Computing over Unrealible Communication Networks

April 27, 2012; h.11:00
Aula 2326 DEI / A


Ulrich Oberst,

Institute of Mathematics, Univ. of Innsbruck, Austria


Multidimensional stable behavious of negligible signals defined by Serre categories

April 19, 2012; h.15:00
Aula 321 DEI / A


Laura Giarré,

University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy


Resource allocation in multi-hop wifi networks

February 10, 2012; h.16:00
Aula 326 DEI / A


Alessandro Saccon,

Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Trajectory planning for multiple autonomous underwater vehicles using the Lie group projection operator approach

December 21, 2011; h.10:30
Aula 326 DEI / A


Lorenzo Coviello,

University of California at San Diego, USA


Stabilization over Markov Feedback Channels

November 23, 2011; h.10:30
Aula 201 DEI / A


Håkan Terelius,

Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


Convergence of an Overlay Network to a Gradient Topology

September 5, 2011; h.11:00
Aula Magna “A. Lepschy”


Damiano Varagnolo,

University of Padova


Distributed size estimation in anonymous networks

September 5, 2011; h.11:00
Aula Magna “A. Lepschy”


Steve Gibson,

University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Adaptive and Optimal Filtering, Prediction and Control in Adaptive Optics

August 26, 2011; h.17:00
Aula Seminari DEI/G


Hideyuki Tanaka,

Hiroshima University, Japan


LPV identification of a Twin Rotor MIMO System via grey-box modeling

July 19-21, 2011


Rush Robinett III,

David G. Wilson,

Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM, USA


Short Course on “Nonlinear Power Flow Control Design”

July 14, 2011; h.11:30
Aula Magna “A. Lepschy”


Dario Bauso,

University of Palermo, Italy


Large Population Consensus in an Adversarial Environment


Abstract | Slides

June 15, 2011; h.14:00
Aula Magna “A. Lepschy”


Luca Galbusera,

Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Decentralized Model Predictive Control techniques for multiagent coordination problems

May 26, 2011; h.14:00
Aula 201 DEI-A


Chiara Ravazzi,

Politecnico di Torino, Italy


Input driven consensus algorithm for distributed estimation and classification in sensor networks


Abstract | Slides

May 13, 2011; h.15:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Andrea Serrani,

Ohio State University, USA


Adaptive Feedforward Compensation of Harmonic Disturbances for Convergent Nonlinear Systems

May 9, 2011; h.15:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Enrico Chiovetto,

University Clinic Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany


Study of the modular organization of motor control: experimental and modelling approaches


Abstract | Slides

March 21, 2011; h.11:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Massimo Franceschetti,

University of California at San Diego, USA


The value of space in wireless networks

February 10, 2011; h.14:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Nicola Varanese,

Politecnico di Milano, Milan


Distributed synchronization algorithms for wireless sensor networks


Abstract | Slides

January 28, 2011; h.17:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Anders Lindquist,

Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


What are moment problems and why are they useful in systems and control?

October 19, 2010; h.15:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Carmelo Speltino,

University of Sannio, Italy


Identification and Validation a Lithium Battery Reduced Model Based Extended Kalman Filter for Critical Surface Charge Estimation


Abstract | Slides

September 7, 2010; h.10:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Alessandro Saccon,

Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Exploration of Kinematic Optimal Control on the Lie Group SO(3)


Abstract | Slides

September 6, 2010; h.11:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Torhu Katayama,

Kyoto University, Japan


Nonlinear Filtering — Unscented Kalman filtering with SVD


Abstract | Slides

August 31, 2010; h.11:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Alex (Yiming) Ji,

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia


Bias Correction in Localization Algorithms


Abstract | Slides

July 21, 2010; h.14:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Carlo Fischione,

School of Electrical Engineering, KTH, Sweden


An Overview on F-Lipschitz Optimization with Wireless Networks Applications


Abstract | Slides [4.3M] | Tech Report

July 12, 2010; h.11:00
Aula 301 DEI-A


Dariusz Choinski,

Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland


Multi-Agent based designing of Distributed Control System

July 1, 2010; h.10:00
Sala Riunioni DTG (Vicenza)


Hiroshi Fujimoto,

Koichi Sakata,

Sehoon Oh,

University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


Research on Motion Control in the University of Tokyo
Electric Vehicle, Nano-scale servo, and Human-friendly Robotics


* Part I (Prof. H. Fujimoto): Motion Control of Electric Vehicle


* Part II (Dr. K. Sakata): Nano-scale servo systems


* Part III (Dr. S. Oh): Human-friendly Robotics

June 28, 2010; h.11:00
Aula Magna “A. Lepschy” DEI


Mukul Agarwal,

Department of Electrical Engineering, MIT, USA


Communication to within a fidelity criterion in unknown networks

June 24, 2010; h.14:30
Aula 301 DEI-A


Kameshwar Poolla,

Mech. Eng. Department, University of California, Berkeley, USA


Wind Integration — By All Means Available

June 14, 2010; h.10:30
Aula 201 DEI-A


Dawn Tilbury,

Mech. Eng. Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA


Exploiting information to improve control of large-scale manufacturing systems

May 24, 2010; h.11:00
Aula Magna “A.Lepschy” DEI


Alessandro Saccon,

Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Optimal Control on Non-Compact Lie Groups: A Projection Operator Approach


Abstract | Slides

January 20, 2010; h.11:00
Sala Riunioni DEI-D


Elisa Franco,

Caltech, CA, US


Programming bio-synthetic dynamical systems

November 23, 2009; h.10:30
Aula 301 DEI-A


Luca Consolini,

University of Parma, Italy


Condizioni per la dicotomia esponenziale e sue applicazioni al tracking esatto per i sistemi non lineari a fase non minima


Abstract | Slides | Movie