Luca Schenato

Full Professor

Department of Information Engineering

University of Padova

Via Gradenigo 6/B – 35131 Padova Italy

Tel.: +39 049.827.7925


Chiara Cimolato - 2022-2024

Research topic: A synthetic biology approach to sustaibable animal farming



Nicolo' Dal Fabbro - 2020-2023
Research topic: Real-time control of 5G Wireless Systems



Luca Ballotta - 2019-2022
Research topic: Computation-communication trade-offs in processing networks



Matthias Pezzutto - 2018-2021
Research topic: Cross-layer design for control-by-Wi-Fi



Marco Barbiero - 2018-2021 (Industrial Ph.D. sponsored by EDILVI s.p.a.)
Research topic: Joint energy and comform control in smart buidlings



Enrica Rossi - 2017-2020
Research topic: Distributed robotic manipulation over lossy networks



Nicoletta Bof - 2015-2018
Research topic: Distributed multi-agent optimization over lossy networks [Thesis] [Slides]



Andrea Carron - 2013-2015
Research topic: Distributed optimization algorithms for Robotic Networks [Thesis] [Slides]
Currently Post-doctoral Research Fellow at ETH, Zurich



Filippo Zanella - 2009-2011 (coadvised with Angelo Cenedese)
Research topic: A Consensus Approach to Distributed Convex Optimization in Multi- Agent Systems [Thesis] [Slides]
Currently founder of Sellf Inc.



Damiano Varagnolo - 2008-2010
Research topic: Distributed algorithms for estimation and control in Networked Control Systems [Slides]
Currently Professor at University of Lulea, Sweden.


Massimo Bellato - Post Doc - January 2022-December 2023
Research topic: A Synthetic Biology approach for Inhibition of Antobiotic Resistance in Pathogens


Francesco Branz- Post Doc - May 2018-December 2019
Research topic: Cooperative multi-robot control over wireless


Irene Zorzan- Post Doc - December 2017-December 2020
Research topic: Multi-cell modeling and identification of emerging patterns


Guido Cavraro- Post Doc - February 2015-September 2016
Research topic: Distributed control and optimization for smart micro-grids
Currently post-doc at Virginia Tech, USA.


Damiano Varagnolo - Post Doc - Jan 2010-March 2012
Research topic: Distributed algorithms for estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Currently Professor at University of Lulea, Sweden


Subhrakanti Dey - Visiting Professor - University of South Australia, Australia, 2018, 2019
Research topic: Control over Wi-Fi


Reza Arghandeh - Visiting Professor - Florida State University, USA, 2018, 2019, 2020
Research topic: Smart Grid estimation and control


Lalitha Konila Sriram - Visiting Ph.D Student - Florida State University, USA, 2018
Research topic: Smart Grid estimation and control


Subhrakanti Dey - Visiting Professor - Univ. of Uppsala, Sweden, 2017
Research topic: Cyber-attack detection in networked control systems


Xiaobo Gu - Visiting Ph.D. Student - Beihang Univ., China - 2015
Research topic: Impact of clock synchronization errors in PMUs phasor estimation and grid state estimation


Nelson Chan - Visiting MS Student - Univ. of Twente, Netherlands- 2015
Research topic: Distributed estimation and filtering


Subhrakanti Dey - Visiting Professor - Univ. of Uppsala, Sweden, June 2014-August 2014
Research topic: Optimal Control subject to communication constraints


Sinan Yildirim - Visiting Scholar - April 2013-September 2013
Research topic: Low-power and adaptive clock synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks


Subhrakanti Dey - Visiting Professor - Univ. of Melbourne, Australia, October 2012-December 2012
Research topic: Remote estimation subject to communication constraints


Marco Monti - April 2020
Path smoothing for high speed CNC machines  (in collaboration with Dr. Emanuele Siego e Stefano Bizzotto, Salvagnini s.p.a., Italy)


Alessandro Crivellaro- March 2020
High-Fidelity Hardware-in-the-loop validation of advanced converter control strategies (in collaboration with Dr. Adolfo Anta, Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien)


Denis Vettoretti- October 2019
Comparison study of Modern Converter Control Techniques for supporting massive integration of renewable generation in low inertia power systems (in collaboration with Dr. Adolfo Anta, Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien)


Stefano Celin - October 2019
Completeness of real-world driving data for the assessment of automated vehicles (in collaboration with Dr. Erwin De Gelder, TNO, Netherlands)


Luca Ballotta- September 2019
Estimation and control of dynamical systems subject to computation latency (in collaboration with Prof. Luca Carlone, M.I.T., USA)


Giulia Violatto - December 2018
Anomaly Detection in the Occupancy Behavior of an Office Building via Machine Learning (in collaboration with Prof. Ashish Pandharipande, Philips Research Nat. Lab, The Netherlands)


Simone Rampon - October 2018
Real-time Load Weighing for Precision Agriculture Spreaders  (in collaboration with Ing. A Topan, Maschio-Gaspardo s.p.a., Italy)


Davide Viel - September 2018
Mobile-robot Map-building via Gaussian Regression: implementation and experiments 


Marco Barbiero - September 2018
Automatic Detection of Sensor Swapping using Hidden Markov Models 


Matthias Pezzutto - April 2018
Wi-Fi Adaptive Rate Selection for LQG-based Networked Control Systems 


Anna Costalonga - October 2017
Modeling and Control of a Robotic Dancer Actuated by Pneumatic Muscle Actuators  (in collaboration with Prof. george Nikolakopoulos, University of Lulea, Sweden)


Andrea Veronese - April 2017
Mapping of Human Visual Attention from Head Pose measurements (in collaboration with Prof. Ville Kyrki, Aalto University, Finland)


Andrea Benazzato - April 2017
Implementation of distributed mapping algorithms using mobile Wheelphones 


Pietro Schiesari - April 2017
Implementation of distributed partitioning algorithms using mobile wheelphones 


Nicola Dal Lago - October 2016
Model Indetification and Flight Control Design for the Prometheus Mapping  (in collaboration with Prof. george Nikolakopoulos, University of Lulea, Sweden)


Antongiulio Deganello - Luglio 2016
Design of a Trajecotory Tracking Generator for a Constrained Third Order Integrator with Experimental Validation (in collaboration with Stefano Bizzotto and Emanuele Siego, Salvagnini spa, Italy)


Stefano Borile - October 2015
Identification-based Personal Lighting Control [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Prof. Ashish Pandharipande, Philips Research Nat. Lab, The Netherlands)


Tommaso Martini - October 2015
UAV-based GNSS-R Systems for Soil Moisture Monitoring  [Slides] (in collaboration with Prof. Adriano Camps, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)


Andrea Peruffo - July 2015
Lighting control with distributed wireless sensing and actuation for daylight and occupancy adaptation [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Dr. Ashish Pandharipande, Philips Research National Labs, The Netherlands)


Fabio Baldo - October 2013
iCruise: development of a smartphone app for distance estimation (in Italian) 


Alvise Rigo - July 2013
iCruise: development of a smartphone app for lane detection 


Andrea Martin - July 2013
Interactive Motion Prediction using Game Theory (in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Althoff, Technical University Munich, Germany)


Enrico Regolin - April 2013
Modelling of a Torque Converter and Control of the Torque Converter Lockup Clutch (in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Eggert, AVL, Austria)


Andrea Carron - October 2012
Receding Horizon Control of Multi-Agents Systems with Cooperative Dynamics [Thesis] [Slides]  in collaboration with Prof. Elisa Franco, UC Riverside, USA)


Stefano Dazzo - October 2011
Design of an Android mobile phone indoor navigation system using a wireless sensor network via Bluetooth (in Italian) [Thesis] [Slides] [VIdeo1]


Klaus Schmiedhofer - July 2011
Human motion prediction for navigation of a mobile robot [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Dott. Daniel Althoff and Dott. Roderick de Nijs, Technical University, Munich, Germany)


Alberto Tonello - July 2011
Control and guidance systems for the navigation of a biomimetic autonomous underwater vehicle [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Dr Euan McGookin, University of Glasgow, Scotland)


Gianmario Tamai - April 2011
Implementation of a coordinated multi-camera perimeter patrolling system [Thesis] [Slides] [Video1] [Video2] (in collaboration with Videotec)


Federico Spagnolo - April 2011
Implementation of an environmental monitoring system for building activity estimation using wireless sensor networks (in Italian) [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Inthegra)


Marco Pattarello - April 2011
Patrolling 2D for multicamera video surveillance (in Italian) [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Dott. Davide Raimondo, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)


Luca Fardin - April 2011
Velocity Estimation and Motion control using MEMS Accelerometers [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Prof. Richard Kavanagh, University College Cork, Eire)


Massimo Marra - December 2010
Design and implementation of a chromotherapy system using a wireless sensor network [Thesis] [Slides] [Video1] [Video2]


Nicola Franceschini - December 2009
WirMoS: A low-power environmental monitoring and control system for Wireless Sensor Networks (in Italian) [Thesis] [Slides]


Giovanni Barbera - October 2009
Theoretical and experimental analysis of a biomimetic control system for a robotic "Boxfish" [Thesis] [Slides] (in collaboration with Prof. Xinyan Deng, Purdue University, USA)


Nora Tosin - October 2009
Centralized and distributed control strategies for environmental control in residential buildings (in Italian) 


Caterina Vitadello - October 2009
Simultaneous localization and mapping with linear features 


Sandro Rizzieri - April 2009
Lossless compression algorithms for wireless sensor networks based on integer wavelet transform (in Italian) 


Sergio Zanatta - December 2008
Design of a control system a smart greenhouse based on WSNs (in Italian)


Francesco Sardara - July 2008
System design for the integration of wireless sensor networks and mobile vehicles (in Italian) 


Federico Fiorentin - April 2008
Implementation of distributed clock synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks (in Italian) [Thesis] [Slides]


Matteo De Luigi- April 2008
Passive stability or active control? Considerations on maneuverability for a locomotion system based on ostraciform fish (in Italian) 


Marco Cattapan- February 2008
Development of an environmental control system for smart greenhouses based on wireless sensor networks (in Italian) 


Ilaria Solida- November 2007
Localization service for IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee devices: mobile node tracking (in Italian) 


Alessandro Agnoli- October 2007
Control of wheel anolonomous robots (in Italian) 


Diego Pizzocaro - October 2007
Sensor deployment in a battlefield and sensor assignment to competing missions 


Corrado Scarmagnan - April 2007
Control desing for a smart greenhouse based on wireless sensor networks [(in Italian) 


Giacomo Piccolo - April 2007
Ricoursive algorithms for contour reconstructions: implementaiton and experimental validation


Riccardo Sala - July 2006
Minimum power management for data traffic in a wireless sensor network (in Italian)


Marco Albi - April 2006
Moving beyond dynamic limitations via collaborations inspired by animal hunting strategies (in Italian)


Alessio Basso - April 2006
Clock synchronization in wireless sensor networks (in Italian)


Luca Cordioli - March 2006
Analysis and control of a marin locomotion biomimetic system (in Italian)