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SIMEA: Integrated/Distributed System for Energy and Environmental Monitoring

Scientific Coordinator:

A. Cenedese, DTG, University of Padova


D. Stecco, EURIS

Industrial Partnership:

M31Italia Srl, RiCert Srl, SnapSystem Srl, Fornace Silma Spa, Due x Due Srl

University Partnership:




The main objective of the project is to develop and test an innovative system of sensors, combined with algorithms for data processing, which allow to make a survey and a detailed assessment of the main environmental and energy parameters of buildings.

The monitoring infrastructure will also be integrated with actuators and active
multi-agent computer networks, to maximize its usability.

The project therefore aims to produce an energy/operational outline of the buildings, with a threefold purpose:
     * for the certification (energy, health);
     * to suggest and implement structural changes to the environments/materials to improve the working conditions and comfort;
     * to encourage energy awareness and the optimized use of resources through intelligent automatic control (future development and evolution of the project) and the possibility of obtaining useful information to maintenance procedures (preventive/predictive maintenance).


The SIMEA project has received funding from the Veneto region by the Regional Law (L.R.) #9, 18th May 2007, "Strategic Plan for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2008-2010", covering the years 2010-2011.

The amount of the project that is eligible is equal to Euro 1,063,525.75, and the contribution payable is € 491,374.56.

Date of commencement:

4th January 2010


Contact Us:

If you are interested in the project and you want to be updated on our activities or if you would like to talk in the workshops to be organized, you can contact us using the form below.