Home Seminars Seminar: Terelius

23 November 2009, h.10:30 - Aula 301 DEI-A

Convergence of an Overlay Network to a Gradient Topology 

Håkan Terelius

Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


We investigate the topology convergence problem for the gossip-based Gradient overlay network. In an overlay network where each node has a local utility value, a Gradient overlay network is characterized by the properties that each node has a set of neighbors containing higher utility values, such that paths of increasing utilities emerge in the network topology. The Gradient overlay network is built using gossiping and a preference function that samples from nodes using a uniform random peer sampling service. We analyze it using tools from matrix analysis, and we prove both the necessary and sufficient conditions for convergence to a complete gradient structure, as well as estimating the convergence time. Finally, we show in simulations the potential of the Gradient overlay, by building a more efficient live-streaming peer-to-peer (P2P) system than one built using uniform random peer sampling.


date: november 23th, 2011

room: 201 Dei-A

time: 10.30 -> 11.30