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N. Normani, A. Urru, L. Abraham, M. Walsh, S. Tedesco, A. Cenedese, G.A. Susto, B. O'Flynn. A Machine Learning Approach for Gesture Recognition with a Lensless Smart Sensor System. 15th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks - [accepted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
S. McLoone, A.B. Johnston, G.A. Susto. A Methodology for Efficient Dynamic Spatial Sampling and Reconstruction of Wafer Profiles. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 2018    [url] [BibTeX]  
G.A. Susto, M. Maggipinto, G. Zannon, F. Altinier, E. Pesavento, A. Beghi. Machine Learning-based Laundry Weight Estimation for Vertical Axis Washing Machines. European Control Conference (ECC2018), 2018    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
M. Terzi, A. Cenedese, G.A. Susto. A multivariate symbolic approach to activity recognition for wearable applications. IFAC World Congress 2017, pp. 16435-16440, 2017    [ abstract ] [pdf] [BibTeX]  
G.A. Susto, M. Terzi, A. Beghi. Anomaly Detection Approaches for Semiconductor Manufacturing. Procedia Manufacturing, 27th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, vol. 11, pp. 2018-2024, 2017    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Todescato, A. Dalla Libera, R. Carli, G. Pillonetto, L. Schenato. Distributed Kalman Filtering for Time-Space Gaussian Processes (with proofs). 20th World Congress of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), pp. 13234--13239, 2017    [pdf] [BibTeX]  
G. Prando, M. Zorzi, A. Bertoldo, A. Chiuso. Estimating effective connectivity in linear brain network models. 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, pp. accepted, 2017   [BibTeX]  
M. Todescato, A. Carron, R. Carli, G. Pillonetto, L. Schenato. Multi-Robots Gaussian Estimation and Coverage Control: from Server-based to Peer-to-Peer Architecture. Automatica, vol. 80, pp. 284--294, 2017    [url] [pdf] [BibTeX]  
M. Zorzi, A. Chiuso. Sparse plus Low rank Network Identification: A Nonparamteric Approach. Automatica, vol. 53(2), 2017   [BibTeX]  
G.A. Susto, A. Cenedese, M. Terzi. Big Data Application in Power Systems - Ch. 2.5. Time Series Classi cation Methods: Review and Applications to Power Systems Data. 2017    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
A. Cenedese, G.A. Susto, M. Terzi. A Parsimonious Approach for Activity Recognition with Wearable Devices: an Application to Cross-country Skiing. European Control Conference 2016 (ECC'16), pp. 2541-2546, 2016    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
T. Chen, G. Pillonetto, A. Chiuso, L. Ljung. DC kernel - a stable generalized first order spline kernel. Proc. of CDC 2016 - accepted, 2016   [BibTeX]  
G.A. Susto, A. Beghi. Dealing with Time-Series Data in Predictive Maintenance Problems. Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, 2016   [BibTeX]  
A. Cenedese, L. Minetto, G.A. Susto, M. Terzi. Human Activity Recognition with Wearable Devices: A Symbolic Approach. PsychNology, vol. 14(2-3), pp. 99-115, 2016    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Todescato, A. Carron, R. Carli, L. Schenato, G. Pillonetto. Machine Learning meets Kalman Filtering (with proofs). 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC16), pp. 4594--4599, 2016    [pdf] [BibTeX]  
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D. Romeres, G. Pillonetto, A. Chiuso. Identification of stable models via nonparametric prediction error methods. Proc. of the European Control Conference, 2015    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
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G.A. Susto, S. McLoone. Slow Release Drug Dissolution Profile Prediction in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: a Multivariate and Machine Learning Approach. 11th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, pp. 1218-1223, 2015    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
S. Soatto, A. Chiuso. Visual Scene Representations: Sufficiency, Minimality, Invariance and Deep Approximation. International Conference on Learning Representation (ICLR), Workshop Track, 2015   [BibTeX]  
G. Belgioioso, A. Cenedese, G.I. Cirillo, F. Fraccaroli, G.A. Susto. A Machine Learning based Approach for Gesture Recognition from Inertial Measurements. IEEE 53rd Conference on Decision and Control, pp. 4899--4904, 2014    [ abstract ] [url] [pdf] [BibTeX]  
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