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Publications of year 20XX
F. Tramarin, S. Vitturi, M. Luvisotto. A Dynamic Rate Selection Algorithm for IEEE 802.11 Industrial Wireless LAN. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (accepted for publication), 20XX    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
G.A. Susto, A. Schirru, S. Pampuri, A. Beghi, G. De nicolao. A Hidden-Gamma Model-Based Filtering and Prediction Approach for Monotonic Health Factors in Manufacturing. Control Engineering Practice (accepted, to appear), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
N. Normani, A. Urru, L. Abraham, M. Walsh, S. Tedesco, A. Cenedese, G.A. Susto, B. O'Flynn. A Machine Learning Approach for Gesture Recognition with a Lensless Smart Sensor System. 15th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks - [accepted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
Y. Chen, D. Cuccato, M. Bruschetta, F. Maran, A. Beghi. An Automatic Sensitivity Updating Scheme for NMPC based on a Curvature Nonlinearity Measure. [submitted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
A. Carron, E. Franco. Analytical Solution of a Two Agent Receding Horizon Control Problem with Auto Regressive State Predictions. Automatica [submitted], 20XX   [BibTeX]  
M. Zorzi. Convergence analysis of a family of robust Kalman filters based on the contraction principle. SIAM J. Optimization Control, (to appear), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
D. Varagnolo, G. Pillonetto, L. Schenato. Distributed multi-agent Gaussian regression via Karhunen-Loève expansions. [submitted for publication], 20XX    [url] [BibTeX]  
N. Bastianello, M. Todescato, R. Carli, L. Schenato. Distributed Optimization over Lossy Networks via Relaxed Peaceman-Rachford Splitting: a Robust ADMM Approach. ECC'18 (submitted), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
M. Todescato, A. Carron, R. Carli, G. Pillonetto, L. Schenato. Efficient Spatio-Temporal Gaussian Regression via Kalman Filtering. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence [submitted, available@arXiv:1705.01485], 20XX    [url] [BibTeX]  
V. Ciccone, A. Ferrante, M. Zorzi. Factor analysis with finite data. 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, pp. submitted, 20XX   [BibTeX]  
M. Todescato, N. Bof, G. Cavraro, R. Carli, L. Schenato. Generalized gradient optimization over lossy networks for partition-based estimation. SIAM Journal on Optimization [submitted, available@arXiv:1710.10829], 20XX   [BibTeX]  
S. Dey, L. Schenato. Heavy-tails in Kalman filtering with packet losses: confidence bounds vs second moment stability. ECC'18 (submitted), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
A. Carron, R. Patel, F. Bullo. Hitting time for doubly-weighted graphs with application to robotic surveillance. European Control Conference 2016 (ECC16) [submitted], 20XX   [BibTeX]  
G. Michieletto, S. Milani, A. Cenedese, G. Baggio. Improving Consensus-based Distributed Camera Calibration via Edge Pruning and Graph Traversal Initialization. Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing [accepted], 20XX   [BibTeX]  
N. Bof, R. Carli, L. Schenato. Is ADMM always faster than Average Consensus?. Automatica [submitted], 20XX   [BibTeX]  
F. Branz, M. Duzzi, L. Olivieri, F. Sansone, G. Michieletto, R. Antonello, A. Cenedese, A. Francesconi. Laboratory validation of close navigation, rendezvous and docking technologies for nanosats. Proceedings of the 4S Symposium - [submitted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
R. Carli, K. Yildirim, L. Schenato. Multi-agent distributed optimization algorithms for partition-based linear programming (LP) problems. ECC'18 (submitted), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
N. Bof, R. Carli, G. Notarstefano, L. Schenato, D. Varagnolo. Newton-Raphson Consensus under asynchronous and lossy communications for peer-to-peer networks. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control [submitted], 20XX    [url] [BibTeX]  
S. Vitturi, M. Bertocco, L. Seno, F. Tramarin. On the Rate Adaptation Techniques of IEEE 802.11 Networks for Industrial Applications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (submitted), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
M. Zorzi. On the Robustness of the Bayes and Wiener Estimators under Model Uncertainty. Automatica, (to appear), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
F. Tramarin, S. Vitturi, M. Luvisotto, A. Zanella. On the Use of IEEE 802.11n for Industrial Communications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 20XX    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Zamani, G. Bottegal, B.D.O. Anderson. On the Zero-freeness of Tall Multirate Linear Systems. (submitted), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
M. Duzzi, M. Mazzucato, R. Casagrande, L. Moro, F. Trevisi, R. Vitellino, M. Vitturi, A. Cenedese, E.C. Lorenzini, A. Francesconi. PACMAN experiment: a CubeSat-size integrated system for proximity navigation and soft-docking. Proceedings of the 4S Symposium - [submitted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
M. Duzzi, M. Mazzucato, R. Casagrande, L. Moro, F. Trevisi, R. Vitellino, M. Vitturi, A. Cenedese, E.C. Lorenzini, A. Francesconi. PACMAN experiment: a Parabolic Flight Campaign student experience. Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Space Educational Activities - [accepted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
L. Seno, F. Tramarin, S. Vitturi. Performance of Industrial Communication Systems in Real Application Contexts. IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine (submitted), 20XX   [BibTeX]  
L. Tiberi, C. Favaretto, M. Innocenti, D.S. Bassett, F. Pasqualetti. Synchronization Patterns in Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators: A Geometric Approach for Analysis and Control. 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control - [accepted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
M. Zorzi, A. Chiuso. The Harmonic Analysis of Kernel Functions. Submitted, 20XX   [BibTeX]  
R. Patel, A. Carron, F. Bullo. The Hitting Time of Multiple Random Walks with Applications to Robotics Surveillance. SIAM Matrix Analysis and Applications [submitted], 20XX   [BibTeX]  
M. Luvisotto, Z. Pang, D. Dzung. Ultra High Performance Wireless Control for Critical Applications: Challenges and Directions. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (accepted for publication), 20XX    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]