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Publications of year 2021
M. Hosseinzadeh, E. Garone, L. Schenato. A Decentralized Approach for Optimal Power Management in Microgrids With Plug&Play Capabilities. Advanced Control for Applications, 2021    [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Terzi, A. Achille, M. Maggipinto, G.A. Susto. Adversarial Training Reduces Information and Improves Transferability. 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, (arXiv:2007.11259), 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
N. Bastianello, R. Carli, L. Schenato, M. Todescato. Asynchronous Distributed Optimization over Lossy Networks via Relaxed ADMM: Stability and Linear Convergence. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
D. Biasion, A. Fabris, G. Silvello, G.A. Susto. Gender Bias in Italian Word Embeddings. CLIC-IT 2020 Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, 2021   [BibTeX]  
C. Favaretto, S. Spadone, C. Sestieri, V. Betti, A. Cenedese, S. Della Penna, M. Corbetta. Multi-band MEG signatures of BOLD connectivity reorganization during visuospatial attention. Neuroimage, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
A. Purpura, K. Buchner, G. Silvello, G.A. Susto. Neural Feature Selection for Learning to Rank. Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Retrieval, 2021   [BibTeX]  
L. Mancin, I. Rollo, J.F. Mota, F. Piccini, M. Carletti, G.A. Susto, G. Valle, A. Paoli. Optimizing Microbiota Profiles for Athletes: Dream or Reality?. Exercise and sport sciences reviews, vol. 49(1), pp. 42--49, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]