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Publications of year 2021
A. Purpura, G.A. Susto. A Bayesian Neural Model for Documents’ Relevance Estimation. Design of Experimental Search & Information REtrieval Systems, 2021   [BibTeX]  
M. Berno, M. Canil, N. Chiarello, L. Piazzon, F. Berti, F. Ferrari, A. Zaupa, N. Ferro, M. Rossi, G.A. Susto. A Data Management and Anomaly Detection Solution for the Entertainment Industry. Italian Symposium on Database Systems (SEBD), 2021   [BibTeX]  
M. Hosseinzadeh, E. Garone, L. Schenato. A Decentralized Approach for Optimal Power Management in Microgrids With Plug&Play Capabilities. Advanced Control for Applications, vol. 3(1), 2021    [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Berno, M. Canil, N. Chiarello, L. Piazzon, F. Berti, F. Ferrari, A. Zaupa, N. Ferro, M. Rossi, G.A. Susto. A Machine Learning-based Approach for Advanced Monitoring of Automated Equipment for the Entertainment Industry. International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 & IoT, 2021   [BibTeX]  
T. Barbariol, F. Dalla Chiara, D. Marcato, G.A. Susto. A review of Tree-based approaches for Anomaly Detection. Control Charts and Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing, 2021    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
S. Tedesco, G.A. Susto, N. Gentner, A. Kyek, Y. Yang. A Scalable Deep Learning-based Approach for Anomaly Detection in Semiconductor Manufacturing. Winter Simulation Conference, 2021    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
G. Michieletto, A. Cenedese, D. Zelazo. A Unified Dissertation on Bearing Rigidity Theory. IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems [early access], 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Terzi, A. Achille, M. Maggipinto, G.A. Susto. Adversarial Training Reduces Information and Improves Transferability. 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, (arXiv:2007.11259), 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
A. Fabris, A. Mishler, S. Gottardi, M. Carletti, M. Daicampi, G.A. Susto, G. Silvello. Algorithmic Audit of Italian Car Insurance: Evidence of Unfairness in Access and Pricing. Fourth AAAI/ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society (AIES), 2021   [BibTeX]  
N. Bastianello, R. Carli, L. Schenato, M. Todescato. Asynchronous Distributed Optimization over Lossy Networks via Relaxed ADMM: Stability and Linear Convergence. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
N. Bargellesi, A. Beghi, M. Rampazzo, G.A. Susto. AutoSS: A Deep Learning-Based Soft Sensor for Handling Time-Series Input Data. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 6(3), pp. 6100--6107, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Pezzutto, E. Garone, L. Schenato. Constrained Control with Communication Blackouts: Theory and Experimental Validation over Wi-Fi. Proceedings of IEEE Mediterranean Conference (MED'21), 2021   [BibTeX]  
N. Gentner, M. Carletti, A. Kyek, G.A. Susto, Y. Yang. DBAM: Making Virtual Metrology/Soft Sensing with Time Series Data Scalable Through Deep Learning. Control Engineering Practice, vol. 116, 2021    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
F. Branz, R. Antonello, M. Pezzutto, F. Tramarin, S. Vitturi, L. Schenato. Drive–by–Wi-Fi: Model–Based Control over Wireless at 1-kHz. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2021    [url] [BibTeX]  
S. Arena, Y. Budrov, M. Carletti, N. Gentner, M. Maggipinto, Y. Yang, A. Beghi, A. Kyek, G.A. Susto. Exploiting 2D Coordinates as Bayesian Priors for Deep Learning Defect Classification of SEM Images. IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 2021    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
D. Biasion, A. Fabris, G. Silvello, G.A. Susto. Gender Bias in Italian Word Embeddings. CLIC-IT 2020 Seventh Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, 2021   [BibTeX]  
R. Fantinel, A. Cenedese, G. Fadel. Hybrid Learning Driven by Dynamic Descriptors for Video Classification of Reflective Surfaces. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics [early access], 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
G.M. Di Nunzio, A. Fabris, G. Silvello, G.A. Susto. Incentives for Item Duplication under Fair Ranking Policies. European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) 2021, 2021   [BibTeX]  
M. Barbiero, A. Rossi, L. Schenato. LQR Temperature Control in smart building via real-time weather forecasting. Proceedings of IEEE Mediterranean Conference (MED'21), 2021   [BibTeX]  
D. Marcato, G. Arena, D. Bortolato, F. Gelain, V. Martinelli, E. Munaron, M. Roetta, G. Savarese, G.A. Susto. Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection for Particle Accelerators. 5th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA), 2021    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
A. Fabris, A. Purpura, G. Silvello, G.A. Susto. Measuring Gender Stereotype Reinforcement in Information Retrieval Systems. Proceedings of the 2021 Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, 2021   [BibTeX]  
B. Elaamery, M. Pesavento, T. Aldovini, N. Lissandrini, G. Michieletto, A. Cenedese. Model Predictive Control for Cooperative Transportation with Feasibility-Aware Policy. Robotics, vol. 10(3), pp. 84, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
C. Favaretto, S. Spadone, C. Sestieri, V. Betti, A. Cenedese, S. Della Penna, M. Corbetta. Multi-band MEG signatures of BOLD connectivity reorganization during visuospatial attention. Neuroimage, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
A. Purpura, K. Buchner, G. Silvello, G.A. Susto. Neural Feature Selection for Learning to Rank. Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Retrieval, 2021   [BibTeX]  
N. Rossello, M. Pezzutto, L. Schenato, I. Castagliuolo, E. Garone. On the effect of the number of tests and their time of application in tracing policies against COVID-19. Proceeding of 11th IFAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems (BMS'21), 2021   [BibTeX]  
L. Ballotta, M. Jovanovic, L. Schenato. Optimal Network Topology of Multi-Agent Systems subject to Computation and Communication Latency. Proceedings of IEEE Mediterranean Conference (MED'21), 2021   [BibTeX]  
L. Mancin, I. Rollo, J.F. Mota, F. Piccini, M. Carletti, G.A. Susto, G. Valle, A. Paoli. Optimizing Microbiota Profiles for Athletes: Dream or Reality?. Exercise and sport sciences reviews, vol. 49(1), pp. 42--49, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
L. Varotto, A. Cenedese. Probabilistic RF-Assisted Camera Wake-Up through Self-Supervised Gaussian Process Regression. Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED2021), 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
L. Varotto, A. Cenedese. RaViPAS - Radio-Visual Probabilistic Active Sensing. R2T2: Robotics Research for Tomorrow's Technology, 2021    [url] [BibTeX]  
M. Pezzutto, N. Rossello, L. Schenato, E. Garone. Smart Testing and Selective Quarantine for the Control of Epidemics. Annual Reviews in Control, 2021    [url] [BibTeX]  
L. Frau, G.A. Susto, T. Barbariol, E. Feltresi. Uncertainty estimation for Machine Learning models in Multiphase flow Applications. Informatics, vol. 8(3), 2021    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]