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Publications of author Chiara Favaretto
L. Tiberi, C. Favaretto, M. Innocenti, D.S. Bassett, F. Pasqualetti. Synchronization Patterns in Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators: A Geometric Approach for Analysis and Control. 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control - [accepted], 20XX    [ abstract ] [BibTeX]  
C. Favaretto, S. Spadone, C. Sestieri, V. Betti, A. Cenedese, S. Della Penna, M. Corbetta. Multi-band MEG signatures of BOLD connectivity reorganization during visuospatial attention. Neuroimage, 2021    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
C. Favaretto, A. Cenedese. Non-linear modeling and control of Mitochondrial Dynamics. 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2018), pp. 3491--3496, 2018    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
C. Favaretto, A. Cenedese, F. Pasqualetti. Cluster Synchronization in Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators. IFAC 2017 World Congress, pp. 2485--2490, 2017    [ abstract ] [pdf] [BibTeX]  
A. Cenedese, C. Favaretto, G. Occioni. Multi-agent Swarm Control through Kuramoto Modeling. 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC16), pp. 1820-1825, 2016    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
C. Favaretto, A. Cenedese. On brain modeling in resting-state as a network of coupled oscillators. 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC16), pp. 4190-4195, 2016    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]  
A. Cenedese, C. Favaretto. On the synchronization of spatially coupled oscillators. 54th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC15), pp. 4836--4841, 2015    [ abstract ] [url] [BibTeX]