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Mirco Rampazzo



Assistant Professor

Department of Information Engineering University of Padova

Via Gradenigo 6/B

35131 Padova Italy


Tel.:          +39 049.827.7768

Fax:          +39 049.827.7799

E-mail:       mirco.rampazzo AT dei.unipd.it

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  • [10/02/2020] Let's welcome to our new attending graduate dr. Eleonora Manzoni.
  • [01/02/2020] Let’s welcome to our new research collaborator dr. Enrico Sisti.
  • [25/11/2019] Winner of the Best Industry Paper Award at 15th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, ACD 2019 with the paper G. Zambonin, F. Altinier, A. Beghi, L.D.S. Coelho, T. Girotto, M. Rampazzo, G. Reynoso-Meza, G.A. Susto. Data-Driven Models for the Determination of Laundry Moisture Content in a Household Laundry Treatment Dryer Appliance. 
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