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Project Coordinator: C. Canudas de Wit
Local Coordinator: S. Zampieri
Partners: INRIA Grenoble, U. Sevilla, ETH Zurich, KTH Stocholm, Videotec, OMG, Infremer, Vodera, Vitamib
Target applications: Coordinated underwater vehicles, smart camera networks for survelliance, smart camera networks for motion capture.
Related research areas: Networked control systems
Keywords: Packet loss, consensus, quantization, wireless, estimation
Funding: EU FP7
Amount: ...
Starting date: September 2008
Ending date: August 2011
Official Webpage: FeedNetBack
A networked control systems is a system composed of physically distributed smart agents that can sense the environment, act on it, and communicate with one other through a communication network to achieve a common goal.
E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope):
Project Coordinator: M.Tallon
Local Coordinator: A.Beghi
Partners: ESO, IAC, INAF, INSU
Target applications: adaptive optics systems
Related research areas: Adaptive Optics
Keywords: ...
Funding: ...
Amount: ...
Starting date: 2006
Ending date: 2009
Official Webpage: E-ELT
Recsys (Real-time Embedded Control of Mobile Systems with Distributed Sensing):
Coordinator: G. Picci
People: ...
Partners: ...
Target applications: ...
Related research areas: ...
Keywords: ...
Funding: EU IST-2001-32515
Amount: ...
Starting date: 2002
Ending date: 2004
Official Webpage: Recsys
The objective of this project was to develop new design methods and a unified framework for the analysis of embedded control systems with distributed sensors. The methods should include explicit handling of computational and communication resource limitations, structural constraints and uncertainty. Our target application were mobile systems where a large mass of sensory data (e.g. from TV cameras) are acquired but particular attention is needed for management of structural and real-time complexity.