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PhD Defense Presentation: 28th Feb 2013

Time Series Analysis


Process control in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The semiconductor industry is one of the most technology-evolving and capital-intensive market sectors. Efficient control of manufacturing operations is well recognized to be a source of competitive advantage. The research activity covers Statistical Process Control, Advanced Process Control, Run-to-Run Control, Virtual Metrology, and Predictive Maintenence issues.

[2] A Predictive Maintenance System for Silicon Epitaxial Deposition. 
A Predictive Maintenance System to calibrate temperature sensing on an Epitaxy tool is presented.


Control of Partial Differential Equations 

Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) are used to describe natural phenomena like sound, heat, fluid flow, electrodynamics, elasticity, etc. How to control system described by PDEs is still an opening challenge in the control system reseach area.

It has been studied how to control a system which actuator or a sensor are described by a PDE.