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  • Sparse camera networks: Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and fixed cameras cooperate in videosurveillance distributed networks to perform tasks of area patrolling, event detection and event tracking. The systems are autonomic: cameras are smart agents able to coordinate to maximize surveillance performance, manage complex tasks, accommodate for camera losses (self-healing).
  • Dense camera networks: 3D reconstruction in motion capture systems shows critical issues when scaling with the number of cameras or the complexity of the scene. In this context a distributed approach is proposed to solve the multicamera reconstruction problemin large scale motion capture systems.


Networked control systems are multiagent, multitask networks with limited resources. They employ cooperation and the distributed coordination of sensors/actuators to fulfill complex tasks that are not possible to a single agent.
Applications of interest include:
  •  sensor networks for environmental monitoring: outdoor monitoring of debris-flow phenomena, smart infrastructure deployment and exploitation for intervention in critical scenarios
  • smart environments: smart autonomous greenhouse, domotics, time series analysis for user profiling, event detection and phenomenon characterization
  •  localization and tracking problem for mobile nodes in sensor networks




The ever-increasing availability of biological data from in vivo and in vitro experiments demands the development of new techniques and associated tools that are capable to extract quantitative, specific, and relevant information of use to the researcher.
  • Shape representation, shape analysis and metrics defi nitionfor both isolated structures and reticular complex structures
  • Decomposition of shape evolution into primitives: motion as group action and deformation as isomorphism
  • Active Contours techniques for the detection and dynamic modeling of deformable objects
  • Global shape control and shape parameter control for objects undergoing continuous deformation
Applications in this field include:
  •  tissue engineering: analysis of the shape of cellular structures for stem cells therapy  - collaboration with Dr. P. de Coppi (Great Ormond Street Hospital/UCL Institute of Child Health) 
  • developmental biology: complex reticular shapes - collaboration with Dr. A. Abate (Delft University)


  • Techniques for the modal representation of atmospheric turbulence  Stochastic realization modeling for turbulence simulation through a phase screen approach
  • Model parameter estimation and dynamic model identi cation, as Markov Random Fields
  • Turbulence compensation, via prediction of phase values

  • Diagnostics: magnetic measurement estimation and magnetic flux map reconstruction from sparse heterogeneous sensors
  • Plasma modeling and regulator design, for the real time control of plasma current, position and shape
  • Study of linear and nonlinear models for simulation of the whole plasma-plant system




International Research:
  • EU Project Hycon2 - Highly-complex and networked control systems. NoE Project ICT FP7 (2010-14). Participant.
    Project Coordinator: Dr.
    F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue (CNRS).
    Local Unit Coordinator: Prof. S.Zampieri (Univ. of Padova).
  • Real-time analysis codes for magnetic reconstruction in ITER (2013-14). Project responsible and principal investigator.

National Research:

  • Electromagnetic modeling and mathematical optimization methods for large nuclear fusion devices. Progetto di Ateneo (2015-16). Project responsible and principal investigator.
  • SEAL: Smart&safe Energy-aware Assisted Living. Smart City and Communities project. Role: principal investigator. Funded by: MIUR-Ministry of University and Research. Project Coordinator: Dr. Luca Fabbri (BFT). Local Unit Coordinator: Prof. A.Beghi (Univ. of Padova)
  • R3D: Robotic 3D-video. Participant. Funded by the Department of Information Engineering, Univ. of Padova, 2010. Project Coordinator: Prof. G.M.Cortelazzo (Univ.of Padova).

Industrial Research:

  • Padova Smart City (2014-15). Project responsible and principal investigator.
  • Gesture Recognition and Classification (2013-14). Project responsible and principal investigator.



International Research:
  • Fusion for Energy - OPE-349 - Analysis of real-time magnetic reconstruction in ITER. Service Contract (2011-12). Project responsible and co-principal investigator.
  • EU Project FeedNetBack - Feedback design for wireless networked systems. STREP Project ICT Call 2 FP7-ICT-2007-2 (2008-11).
  • NatureCam. Detecting and Cataloging Birds in their Natural Environment.
  • EU Project ELT Design Study - Technology development towards a European Extremely Large Telescope. Specifi c Support Action FP6 (2005-09). http://www.oamp.fr/elt-insu/elt_design_study.htm 
  • EFDA-JET Enhancement on Magnetic Diagnostics. UKAEA-JET (UK), 2004-07.
  • Boundary reconstruction code development, Euratom-ENEA Agreement. General Atomics (US), 2004.
  • EFDA JET enhancement project on magnetic diagnostics. UKAEA-JET (UK), 2003-04.
  • EFDA JET extreme shape controller enhancement project. UKAEA-JET (UK), 2002-03.
  • EFDA JET extreme shape controller and vertical stabilization project. UKAEA-JET (UK), 2001-02.

National Research:

  • SIMEA: Integrated/Distributed System for Energetic and Environmental Monitoring. Funded by Regione Veneto, 2010-2012. Project Coordinator and principal investigator.
  • National Interest Research Program (PRIN 2008): New algorithms and applications of Identifi cation and Adaptive Control. Funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and University, 2010-2012. Project Coordinator: Prof. G.Picci (Univ. of Padova).
  • WISEWAI - Wireless Sensor networks for city-Wide Ambient Intelligence, Funded by CaRiPaRo Foundation, 2007-2010.
  • National Interest Research Program (PRIN 2006): Smart Environments: event interpretation, sensor reconfiguration and multimodal interfaces, 2007-09
  • MACONDO (Modelling, Analysis, and CONtrol of Deformable Objects): System Theory methods for the modeling, analysis and shape control for deformable objects, 2005-06
  • National Interest Research Program (PRIN 2001): Current pro file control in magnetically con ned plasmas for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion, and its e ffects on shape control performance, 2002-04


Industrial Research:

  • Environmental monitoring networks for industries and laboratories, 2012. Responsible and Principal Investigator.
  • Multimedia and domotics in schools: sensor networks, 2009-2010. Responsible and Principal Investigator.
  • Feasibility study for a localization system: Phase I and II, 2007-2010. Responsible and Principal Investigator.
  • Vibration compensation in Camera moving units, 2010. Responsible and Principal Investigator.
  • Tracking techniques in video sequences: Phase I and II, 2008-2009. Responsible and Principal Investigator.
  • Sensor networks for environmental monitoring, 2010. Principal Investigator.
  • Sensor networks for videosurveillance, 2006-2007. Principal Investigator.






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