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Adaptive Optics

Adaptive Optics:
Target applications: adaptive optics systems
Related projects: E-ELT
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Adaptive optics (AO) is used in astronomy to obtain high resolution images, close to diffraction limited, of stars and galaxies with ground telescopes, otherwise blurred by atmospheric turbulence.

In order to succesfully compensate for the distorsion induced by athmospheric turbulence one (or more) deformable mirros are deformed; the control action used measurements of the wavefront distorsion.
Next generation AO systems have thousand of sensors and actuators and as such pose non-trivial issues both for modeling and control.

In this respect, it is important to predict the turbulent phase affecting the reconstruction and to this aim the modeling of turbulence starting from the theoretical statistics and a collection of measurements represents a challenging and hot topic in the field.