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 The workshop will be held in the medieval castle CastelBrando, on the hills surrounding Cison di Valmarino (click here for a map), a small village near Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy. 


The Castle (Castrum Costae) dates back to the Roman age when it was built as a defensive fortress. Some history can be found here and here.



The best solution is to fly either to Venice (VCE) or Treviso (TSF) airport.

We shall provide (included in the registration fee) transportation from (and to) VCE and TSF with the following tentative schedule:

  • Sunday September 25th, 2016: shuttle bus from VCE and TSF to Castelbrando in the afternoon (latest bus around 5-5.30 pm)
  • Wednesday September 28th, 2016: shuttle bus  from Castelbrando to TSF/VCE right after lunch

For those of you NOT taking advantage of the shuttles, the following two solutions are suggested:

  1. Train from Venezia-Mestre to Conegliano (about 45 minutes). Castelbrando is about 24 Km from the train station (need to take a Taxi)
  2. Train from Venezia-Mestre to Vittorio Veneto (one change, about 1h 15 minutes). Castelbrando is about 17 Km from the train station (need to take a Taxi)

See here for train timetables.

WARNING: the train timetable for September is not available at the moment, check some date in May for a rough idea of the train schedule.